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Level up: Creating New Revenue Streams in the Age of Gaming and Virtual Advertisements

Join us for our webinar, “Level Up: Creating New Revenue Streams in the Age of Gaming and Virtual Advertisements.”

Get an inside look at how industry-leading technologies are helping esports entities reach new levels by maximising sponsorships and ads, generating new revenue streams, tracking assets across social media, better understanding audiences and fan bases and properly analysing social presence.

What to expect during the webinar?

  • Presentation and case study by Eyal Arad, CEO of Videocites which offers a suite of AI-driven products that provide customers with automatic scalable rights management solutions, content tracking services and true viewership analytics that includes all video duplications on all major social and video platforms.
  • Presentation and case study by Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder & CEO of Anzu.io, an in-game advertising platform that brings the sophistication of advertising into video gaming and esports. Anzu’s Blended In-Game Advertising solution seamlessly integrates non-intrusive ads into the gameplay. With Anzu’s state-of-the-art programmatic technology and real-time data, brand advertisers can deploy real-world ads in IAB-recognized formats through exclusive inventory of top video games that promise brand safety and ad viewability.
  • A panel discussion on creating new revenue streams in esports and maximizing media content across social networks via technology and innovation for all major players across the esports landscape - federations, leagues, teams, broadcasters, brands and game developers. The panel discussion will feature Eyal Arad, Itamar Benedy, the Head of Corporate Development & E-Sports for FC Köln, Philipp Liesenfeld, as well as Infront’s Head of Gaming & Esports, André Fläckel and Julien Schiess of Infront Lab.


Itamar Benedy

Co-Founder & CEO, Anzu.io


Eyal Arad

CEO , Videocites


Philipp Liesenfeld

Head of Corporate Development & Esports , FC Köln


Shelby Mull

Marketing & Communications Director, IIHF


André Fläckel

Head of Gaming & Esports, Infront


Julien Schiess

Head of Marketing & Sales, Infront Lab



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