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On-demand Webinar

Fighting Sports Content Piracy

Throughout recent years we have witnessed immense sprouting of piracy streaming and viewing of content. The piracy includes unauthorised streams appearing on social networks, on websites easily found via search engines and even on dedicated ‘free’ streaming aggregators.

In this webinar, you will get to understand how advancement in technology and user behaviours in search of premium content are driving content piracy. Equally with AI-based technology that provides robust live content tracking of videos, rights holders can take back control of their content. From this webinar, you can look forward to take away insights on how Infront Lab's video based search engine equipped with ultralight video identification technology empowers rights holders to track and remove illegal live streams.

What you will learn

  • What creates the demand for piracy
  • What drives viewers to watch sports events illegally?
  • The status of piracy streaming today
  • How does piracy streaming work?
  • Fighting piracy - how is it being done?


Damian Browarnik

Head of Infront Lab


Eyal Arad

CEO, Videocites


Guy Port

Head of Asia Pacific at WSC Sports


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