Futuristic Fandom: Keeping Up With Next Gen Fans

June 7th, 10:00 CET

What to Expect


The fan or the tech? Which of the two is leading the way when it comes to changing viewing experiences? Is it the rapid pace at which fan preferences are changing, or the acceleration of tech and innovation in sports?

The combination has resulted in viewing experiences we could have never imagined just a decade ago, and the prospect of what may come is even more exciting.

Join us for “Futuristic Fandom: Keeping Up With Next Gen Fans,” for an in-depth discussion on catering to the future fan, from both the sports and tech perspectives.


Andreas Heyden

DFL Digital Sports

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Monika Reinhard

Communication & Digital Media Director
Champions Hockey League AG

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Konstantin Dieterle

Head of Business Development & Marketing
Beyond Sports

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